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These guys absolutely rock it!

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  • These guys absolutely rock it!

    Wanted to give a huge shoutout to the Dmax store. Customer service is top notch, from the owner Mike, to Chad and Robbie in service, to all the kick ass techs.

    Was debatting between going with the BDS 4.5" (what was on my old truck) and the Cognito, but must say that the knowledge and customer service of all the guys down at the Dmax store is what really sold me on going with them and the Cognito lift. When I bought the BDS lift on my old truck, price made the decision for me, but the dealer I bought it from couldn't hardly answer any questions. When I had dropped my truck off I told him I wanted the front CV's flat, and the truck level (which it should have been with the 2" Deaver mini pack I purchased to raise the rear). Was excited to see the truck, after 2 days (they scheduled me when their tech was only working a couple hours in the morning), finally got to go pick it up and was super pissed about how it looked. Front end was jacked up to the sky (probably 6"), CV's were maxed and the guy told me I needed to buy blocks for the rear to get it level. Needless to say I was fuming, not the experience I was hoping for. Ended up adjusting the ride height myself to get it level and had to get it re-aligned.

    This time around, dropped my LMM off, 8am, they were waiting for me, got the paperwork written up, told me prolly wouldn’t be done till the next day. Got a call that afternoon with a update, rust was giving them hell and some stuff was bent up from the previous owner, but they worked through it and were still on track to finish the next day. Next day arrives, got a call before lunch that it was about done, just putting the wheels on, setting the height then off to alignment. Bout an hour later got a txt message from Chad with pics of my CV angles and how the truck was sitting, bout a ½ inch high in the front. Discussed putting blocks in the rear, but had them leave it as is, since I am going to be putting on a front bumper and winch, which should get the front right where I want it. Great communication, great work (not a shady hack job) and industry knowledge is what will keep me coming back to the Dmax store not only to purchase my parts, but to have them work on my truck.

    Another thing, the center caps on my SOTA SSD wheels wouldn't fit on the rear wheels, they let me know in a phone call, no biggie, not their fault, I didnt even order the wheels through them. But they cleaned up the axels/hubs and shot them with a fresh coat of black paint to make them look good. Amazing attention to detail and the little extra effort that most places wouldn't do!

    Trucks looks great in the pics, but in real life is so amazing. This thing drives and rides great. Not sure if its the shocks or more sidewall on the tires. Way smoother ride, there was a slight vibration before, thats gone as well (not sure if its the 1 piece alum driveshaft of the tire balancing). Truck looks fantastic, super stoked, cant wait to drive it to work tomorrow and see how these tires do in the rain (it start pouring about an hour ago).

    Stance of the truck when I bought it.

    After the Dmax Store did a kick ass job installing my Cognito lift and new wheels/tires.

    Couldnt ask for better angles up front!

    08' Silverado 3500HD CCLB LMM 4x4 - Build Thread
    02' Silverado 2500HD CCLB LB7 4x4 - RIP 12/15/2016

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