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  • Baja Designs Fog Light Kit

    We installed a the Baja Designs Fog Light Kit on this 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 RST with the 3.0 LM2 Duramax Diesel.
    After initially being disappointed with the factory fog lights on this truck we decided that it was due for an upgrade. Baja designs offers a very clean option to replace the factory fog lights and increase the light output. Looking at the photos below you can see the significant increase in light output over the factory low beams, really brightens up the road so you can safely see what is ahead of you.
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    In addition to the excellent light output offered by these lights they look great as well! They include a nice bezel to fit in the factory fog light recess and is super easy to install with the adapters that use the factory wiring harness so there is no need to even install a separate switch for these lights, just hit the oem fog light switch and they will turn right on for you! Overall we are really impressed with the installation and performance of this kit and definitely recommend it if you are looking to improve light output without adding some aftermarket lightbars and mounts.
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    We also added the Fleece Performance All Light On Mod toi pair with this kit to offer even more light output. If you did not already notice, the factory fog lights will automatically turn off when you switch your high beams on, not sure why they do this, If you are putting on your high beams you most likely want to see more. Fleece performance stepped up and made the all light on module that is a super easy install that allows you to put low beams, high beams and fog lights on at the same time, this significantly increases the light output, especially on this truck that has a fairly focused high beam pattern that will not illuminate the sides as well as the fog lights do. This is a great cheap upgrade if you drive on country roads often, especially during deer season!
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