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Dmax XD (Xtreme Duty) Wheel Bearing

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  • Dmax XD (Xtreme Duty) Wheel Bearing

    Got them installed about 8 months ago and have started to get the familiar "humming" that goes away when rocking the truck side to side while driving down the road (when the affected side is unloaded). Not sure if one or both went out, but at 40-60 mph I get a brand new BFG mudder tire noise. Does anyone know the physical differences between the TIMKEN brand the DMAX XD ones? Will be getting the TIMKEN ones next time. Word of advice... save your old bearings because if you have to warranty them and your truck is your daily driver, you will have to purchase a new bearing/s as they do not credit for warranty claims.

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    The Timken is built in the USA and currently the highest quality and price. The XD has been a good bearing choice with little failure rate and a lower price point. Do you have play in the bearing or just some noise?

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