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DMAXSTORE 1480-1410 Combo U-Joint Installation on One Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft

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  • DMAXSTORE 1480-1410 Combo U-Joint Installation on One Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft

    Aluminium Drive Shaft Conversion Package
    Fits 2001-2010 2500/3500 HD 4-Wheel Drive Crew Cab Long Bed Trucks

    DmaxStore's drive shaft conversion kit allows you to convert your 2001-2010 4-Wheel Drive crew cab long bed truck’s existing 2 piece drive shaft to a single aluminium shaft. This will not only decrease the rotating weight by 20 pounds versus the steel shaft, It will also completely eliminate the hassles associated with the stock center support bearing by eliminating it. No more low speed or high speed vibrations. Stronger than the OE 2 piece.

    NOTICE: (Old center support bearing mount must be clearanced or damage may occur to new driveshaft)
    For 2001-2007 classic trucks:
    -Drive shaft,1480 Rear Yoke, and 1480 Strap Kit and fasteners
    -1480/1410 Combination U-Joint. With this combination joint the 1480 yoke and strap kit is not needed.

    For 2007-2010 LMM or New body style trucks:
    -2007-2010 LMM or new body style trucks already use the 1480 yoke and strap so the full kit is not needed.

    The DmaxStore One Piece Drive Shaft comes with a 1480 U-Joint and requires either the replacement of the yoke tot he 1480 style yoke and strap kit and or the installation of the combination 1480-1410 U-Joint which does not require the 1480 yoke and strap kit.

    -Pictured below all of the tools necessary for the job:

    -The factory installed u-joint is retained by injected plastic in the drive shaft yoke.
    -To remove the 1480 u-joint from the shaft the cap and shaft need to be heated to melt the plastic retainer. A Butane torch can be used. WARNING, excessive heat may damage the drive shaft.
    -Once melted, the plastic will start to run down the u-joint cap and can now be pushed out of the shaft. Rest the u-joint on a vice or block as shown. Carefully strike the drive shaft near the u-joint on the yoke portion of the shaft. DO NOT HIT THE SHAFT, THIS WILL CAUSE DAMAGE! Take channel locks and twist the u-joint cap and remove it. Rotate 180 degrees and repeat remove remaining u-joint cap.
    -After the u-joint and caps are removed you will remove the remaining plastic. A small punch can be inserted into the hole where the plastic is injected to make it easier to remove the remaining plastic.
    -Pushing of plastic to allow you to remove the plastic retainer, make sure to clean the shaft of all remaining plastic. Use a scotch brite pad to remove any burrs.
    -Now that the drive shaft is cleaned and all the plastic is removed the 1480-1410 combo u-joint can be installed. Tape the 1410 side of the u joint using electrical tape or similar to keep the end caps on the joint when installing.
    -Start by removing the larger 1480 end caps, but install them on the side they were removed from. This will assure proper lubrication. Slide the joint with the two caps off into the shaft place one cap on, as shown. Make sure not to knock any of the small roller bearings loose. Installing one cap at a time will aid in making sure the needle bearings do not become dislodged. A larger vice, press or u-joint install kit can be used.


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-Once the caps are flush with the drive shaft yoke, the caps will need to be pushed into the yoke until the retainer grooves are visible. A socket or suitable tool can be used to set the depth of the cap. Installing one retainer at a time will help from pushing the cap that was just positioned out of it location. NOTE, there are two sizes of retainers supplied with the u-joint, ONLY the larger retainers will be used. If the retainers can not be installed into the yoke and seated properly, it is possible that a needle bearing has moved and become lodged between the cap and the u-joint.​​​​​​​

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