DmaxStore High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan Installation Instructions



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  • DmaxStore High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan Installation Instructions

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    DmaxStore High Capacity Cast Aluminum Engine Oil Pan Installation Instructions
    2001-2010 6.6L Duramax

    Tools needed:
    - torque wrench
    - breaker bar
    - metric wrenches & sockets: 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 19mm
    - 5mm allen wrench with extensions
    - putty knife, gasket scraper, and razor blade

    Removing the factory oil pan:
    1. Remove the drain plug from the factory pan to drain the engine oil. It is recommended to allow engine oil to drain as long as possible to reduce the amount of oil that drips when the pan is removed.
    2. Remove the skid plates as required to access the lower engine oil pan.
    3. Remove the frame crossmember below the oil pan by removing the four 18mm bolts and nuts. (If truck is equipped with lift kit, more parts may need to be removed)
    4. Disconnect the low oil sensor electrical connector and move the wires out of the way.
    5. Using a 10mm socket with an extension, remove the two nuts and the 15 bolts holding the lower oil pan to the upper oil pan.
    6. Use a strong putty knife or pan seal cutter to loosen the factory oil pan. Be patient and start on the drivers side and go over to the passenger rear and slowly loose the lower oil pan from upper oil pan, being sure not to damage the upper oil pan sealing surface.
    7. Remove the two studs from the upper oil pan.
    8. Clean off any remaining sealant on the upper oil pan.

    Installation of the DmaxStore High Capacity oil pan:
    1. Remove the oil level sensor from the factory pan and install on the DmaxStore oil pan, it is recommended to lubricate the o-ring when installing the sensor into the DmaxStore oil pan with clean engine oil or assembly lube.
    2. Install the provided Fumoto drain valve, hand tighten the valve then use a crescent wrench to turn an additional 1/8 turn.
    3. Apply a 2-3mm wide bead of sealant on the sealing surface of the DmaxStore engine oil pan.
    4. Install the DmaxStore engine oil pan onto the upper oil pan using the supplied (17)5mm zinc plated bolts. Washers are not needed, hand tighten all bolts.
    5. Torque the lower oil pan bolts to 89 in.lbs. in the tightening sequence below.
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    6. It is important to let the sealant cure for at least a few hours before adding oil to the engine, 24 hours is optimal. The sealant cures after being exposed to air, by adding oil to it before curing, it will interrupt the curing process.
    7. Connect oil level sensor.
    8. Be sure that all plugs in the DmaxStore oil pan are tight and the Fumoto drain valve is closed.
    9. Install your new oil filter.
    10. Re-install the crossmember and bolts, tightening to 74 ft.lbs.
    11. Re-install the skid plates.
    12. Fill DmaxStore engine oil pan with 11 quarts of motor oil.
    13. Start the engine and confirm proper oil pressure, shut off the engine and confirm the oil level, add oil if necessary and check for leaks.
    Give us a call for all your Duramax needs! 877-469-3629

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