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Properly Leveling a L5P

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  • Properly Leveling a L5P

    First thing most of our customers do after buying a new truck is have the truck ride height adjusted so it sits the way they want and throw on a new set of wheels and tires. Most the time this is just raising the front because they dont like the amount of rake they are set at out of the factory. Just cranking the torsions or putting in new torsion keys can affect ride performance poorly as well as wear out front end components. What we recomend doing as the ultimate leveling setup is new upper control arms, torsion keys, longer shocks and drop shackles in the rear. This 33.7" tires fills the wheel well great, no rubbing, no trimming!

    List of parts that went into this truck:
    Kryptonite Upper Control Arms w/Kryptonite Ball Joints
    Forged Torsion Keys
    Bilstein Shocks
    McGaughy's Drop Shackles
    SOTA Offroad SPYK wheels 20x9 +18 offset
    Nitto Ridge Grappler LT285/60R20

    Here is a comparison of parts between stock and what has gone on the truck.

    And pics of the truck sitting level, with great ride quality!

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