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broken pitman arm

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  • broken pitman arm

    just a quick explination of luck and why my truck sits in my driveway…after returning from a 1200 mile round trip to the Oregon dunes I dropped off my cab over (8'11" fully loaded with slide out) at work and continued home with my 16ft trailer with two buggys and a quad attached. backed the trailer into my driveway, unhooked and pulled forward to reposition my truck into its spot, put it in reverse and turned the wheel. there was no pop, ting, bang, or boom, just a steering wheel with no resistance. after climbing out and noticing my pitman arm was not connected to the center link I backed it up in my driveway the best i could wondering how the nut could have possibly come off..after another look, the pitman arm was sheared off flush with the centerlink. it has been really tough not being pissed about the whole thing but considering the thought of what the outcome could have been with 7-8 thousand pounds of extra weight at 70 miles an hour…
    So with tha being said the truck has sat in the same spot for about a year now.. I was think about doing a solid axle swap for durability but I am kind of running short on time now and need to get her back on the road.
    This is where the confussion sets in with what ac tually to put in it. I don't "launch" this truck, although I am told i am missing out on yet another habbit forming experience, I use it mainly for towing a cabover or the fifth wheel out onto the beach or up to the trails loaded with verious gas guzzling equipment.
    I have decided to replace from ball joint to ball joint but cant figure out what it is I really need in the verious options.
    press in ball joints or complete a arms?
    straight center link or stock?
    tie rods ends? what ones?
    pitman arm and idler arm?
    My worry is that I will still not trust the set up when done spending my kids trust fund on this
    Any help and input would be greatly welcome.


    p.s. 4 inch RCD lift with 35 inch toys if that helps

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    Did you break the GM pitman or was it aftermarket?


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      My son's friend did the same thing two days ago. Got off work went to leave and back up and tried to turn and pop it was done. He had a small amount of play and didn't change it out. It doesn't take much play to cause them to break, especially with over size tires. I did mine on the mountain hunting a few years back. And I'm glad I wasn't going down the road at high speed as well. I check mine once a month for play call it over kill, but I use it hard and don't need that to happen again. I did a Moog XD when I changed mine out, been fine so far.


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        I bought a moot 's arm from the Dmax store. Haven't put it on yet, but it's there when I need it.


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          Originally posted by Dukcaln@Dmaxstore

          we sell moot's>> Lol
          Fat fingers and autospell, never a good combination


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            I'm sure we can help you get your truck back on the road and have you driving with confidence. Give us a call
            2006 LBZ Daily Driver, Tractor, School Bus, Hot Rod Diesel , Crew Cab, Lifted, Hunting Rig , Cowboy Cadillac


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