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    I put a flip up ball in the bed, I usually refer to it a a fifth wheel ,is the proper term goose neck or what. I plan on adding a receiver under the bed. What are pros and cons on my flip up ball vrs the fifth wheel. I never gave a thought on the proper name until reading another thread here.

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    Most of it depends on the type of trailer. Gooseneck hitches will use a ball I prefer this style hitch, as when not in use they generally wont have anything sticking up in the bed (such as bed rails), they also offer a bit better trailer articulation over differing terrain. Most livestock and equipment trailers use this style hitch.

    A 5th wheel hitch will use a jaw style clamp (generally mounted to rails screwed through the bed into the frame) to hold the pin on the trailer. Generally the turning radius and articulation isnt as good as a gooseneck. With a gooseneck hitch, you can also buy a 5th wheel adapter such as a B&W Companion or Blue Ox Super Ride that will slide into a turnover ball gooseneck hitch (normally you can put them in and out in a few minutes). Or, you can buy a different pin box for a 5th wheel trailer to convert it to gooseneck (check with the trailer manufacturer to verify this wont void the trailer warranty).


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      I use a super glide which automatically will unhook and move as you make a sharp turn and when you go back to driving straight it will lock back and away you go. the 21000lb model moves the furthest back I believe it is 14 to 16 inches allowing a short bed to not hit when making a 90 degree. dodge truck bed are shorter and you can not make that full turn. I've had both. Also the bed rails come out with a simple twist of a pin and nothing is in the way. the mounts themselves are under the bed and to the frame. If you want a fifth wheel type of hitch you must look at the super glide setup.

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    Thankyou Jimmy, haven’t done much towing, but with my project I want to be ready to tow two car enclosed trailer


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      Here is the link for pullrite


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