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Maintance on lift pumps

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  • Maintance on lift pumps

    i got a fass lift pump the newer style filters on my lml (one with out the drain on water filter) i search for it and couldnt really find anything recommendations on changing filter or unscrewing water seperator filter to drain water and was wondering whats do yall recommend

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    You will not need to drain that filter, just change it every 15-20K miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. The reason there is not a water drain is the new Micro Glass media traps and holds the water itself. The micro glass media is up to 400% more effective than a cellulose media filter.


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      O ok i am going to order spares just to have around ...same goes with fuel filter right? My truck is weekend warrior so i dont put much miles on it


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        Yes, always replace the fuel filter and water separator together and you will be all set.


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