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Is my truck running too HOT?

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  • Is my truck running too HOT?

    It's that time of year where the weather is warming up and so are the temperatures in our vehicles. For those new to the Duramax platform, the transmission and engine coolant temperatures may become concerning if you are unaware of normal operating temperatures. Currently we are starting to see the weather go over 90 degrees here in Northern California. Usually this is when the trucks start running warmer as well. This info is based off the gauges on the instrument cluster. Here is some basic info regarding engine and coolant temperatures.

    What engine coolant temps should we be seeing?
    • Even under regular driving conditions unloaded, do not be alarmed if your gauge is reaching 210 degrees.
    • When towing and especially when pulling a hill, you may even see temperatures spike up to 230 degrees.
    • If your temperatures do go above 210 degrees, they should come back down quickly as soon as the fan clutch engages.
    • Coolant temps that stay consistently over 220 degrees is not normal.

    What can I do or check to help my engine coolant temps?
    • First, make sure your coolant level is at the proper level and there are no leaks
    • Clean front cooling stack(trans cooler, A/C condenser, radiator, intercooler). Dirt and debris can clog up in between the cooling stack reducing airflow.
    • Is your fan clutch engaging? They are loud and very noticeable when they engage.
    • Thermostats are available that open sooner to help with hotter climates.

    What transmission temps should we be seeing?
    • Under regular driving conditions unloaded, your gauge can reach around 200 degrees.
    • When towing and pulling hills, you can see up to 225 degrees for short periods.
    • Trans temps consistently over 225 degrees is not normal.
    • Built transmissions and billet stators will run hotter than normal transmissions.

    What can I do or check to help my transmission temps?
    • Too much or too little fluid will cause abnormal temps, make sure level is correct.
    • Worn and slipping transmissions cause excess heat.
    • Aftermarket transmission coolers are available to help with cooling.

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