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Banks Derringer for 2020 Duramax Trucks!

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  • Banks Derringer for 2020 Duramax Trucks!

    This week we had the opportunity to install the all new Banks Derringer Tuner on Kryptonite Products 2020 GMC 3500HD Denali Duramax Diesel. Brandon and I went on a test drive to before and after the Derringer Tuner was installed to see the improvement from the tuner on level 6. On our initial test drive we recognized that the truck had pretty good acceleration in first gear but felt a little slow from 20-60 MPH and left something to be desired. After doing a few acceleration test and mixed freeway and back roads driving we had a good feel for the truck at the stock power level.

    The install was pretty straight forward and didn't take long at all. The included Banks instructions were very detailed with good illustrations to avoid any confusion during installation. Kryptonite had ordered the option for the Banks iDash Data Monster and we installed that with the suction cup mount for now, we ordered them a Block8Head custom pod mount for the iDash that gives a more integrated look.

    After installation we took the truck out for a drive again and immediately turned the Derringer to the highest level it will go to, level 6. Almost immediately we noticed a difference in the throttle response, after taking off from a stop and testing the acceleration it was evident that there was definitely an improvement in the power delivery. The 20-60 MPH acceleration is the most noticeable improvement from the Derringer.

    Banks claims an additional 81 HP and 144 lb-ft of which measuring by using our butt dyno seems to be accurate, we have also seen third parties put the new trucks on the dyno and back up these numbers that Banks was getting.

    If you want the best bang for your buck with a quick and easy installation, check out the Banks Derringer Tuner.

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