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  • Winter Prep Maintenance

    What kind of maintenance do you perform to prep your trucks for winter? Lets hear what you did to yours so we can all make sure these trucks are ready for winter!

    Here's what I did to mine.
    - Wax and seal exterior paint
    - check condition of windshield wiper blades and apply Rain-X to glass surfaces
    - check exterior light bulbs, found a burnt taillight bulb so I replaced both sides
    - changed engine oil and filter, wasn't quite due for service, but decided to do it anyways before it rains/snows
    - changed transmission fluid and external filter, was up for 40k service
    - topped off and checked all fluids, checked for leaks, added winter blend windshield washer fluid
    - checked serpentine belt, tensioner, and pulley conditions, these parts tend to fail more during the cold
    - check both of your batteries, go to a shop or parts store to have them load tested. when batteries get old, they will get weaker when the seasons change drastically whether it be winter or summer
    - installed winter grille cover, these trucks run much more efficient in winter when they are at normal operating temps
    Give us a call for all your Duramax needs! 877-469-3629

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