Update for Edge drag racing truck Running the KRYPTONITE!!!!



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  • Update for Edge drag racing truck Running the KRYPTONITE!!!!

    ​A lot of events to catch up on. I've been drag racing, sled pulling, and just driving around. The DMAX Store Kryptonite Competition front end has been flawless. There is not a better kit on the market anywhere. If you want your duramax to be the best, start with the kryptonite front end.

    At Woodburn we took 1st in super Diesel and 2nd in Sportsman

    Tried a sled pull with the Edge Pulling Series and managed a 2nd place finish. The front end took the abuse and kept me going straight

    Next went to Edmonton Canada to take on all the polite racers and came away with another 1st in Super Diesel

    Then onto Salt Lake City for the Industrial Injection drag race and took 1st and 3rd in Super Diesel and Sportsman.

    Finally to Billings Montana for the Final regular race of the NHRDA season and came away with 1st in Super Diesel and 1st in Sportsman.

    I have been clawing away in the National Points race in both classes and have a chance to win both at world finals.

    I wouldn't be able to launch my 7500lb slug like I do with the strength of the Kryptonite front end. Get yours and take down the competition.

    Will get some photos and vids up shortly
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