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  • 2019 Black Sport LTZ - 1st time visitor

    Good morning DMAX Crew. I have a 2019 Crew Cab Sport Edition with a 6” Fabtech Lift and 22” Metal Moto wheels with 35x12.5R22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I am having some vibration issues over 45mph. Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks
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    Welcome and thank you for joining the DmaxStore Forum! That's a really good looking L5P. Have you had the vibration the entire time you have had the tires or did it start recently?


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      Thank you for comment on the truck. I really appreciate that! So, I did the lift and the tires at the same time. I was told that I might need some sort of hub centric rings for the rings? What is the normal root cause of the vibrations that you guys have experienced?

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    Generally we see vibrations coming from the tires, but that is not always the case. If you don’t have the hub centric rings for the aftermarket wheels I would highly recommend getting them from the wheel manufacturer. They provide a secure fit so the wheel is centered on the hub of the wheel bearing. It is possible that’s where your vibration is coming from so I would make sure you have those first as it’s likely the cheapest part to get.


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