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DMAXSTORE Filter adapter with donaldson filter install

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  • DMAXSTORE Filter adapter with donaldson filter install

    DMAXSTORE Filter Adapter With Donaldson Filter Install

    We know the fuel system on a modern common rail diesel is sophisticated but the filtration on the Duramax is lacking, so we are always looking for a for better filtration to keep your engine running at it finest, so we have put a 2 micron cat filter on the stock filter head and have had great results but the only down fall to having the cat filter is that there is no water separation built in to this filer so unless you are running a lift pump with a water separator on it it is not advised to run the cat filter. We have found an option for you that are looking for a better filter and and water separation This Donaldson fuel filter is a 3 micron fuel & water separator filter combo. It is 99% efficient at 3 microns, flows 90gph It also features a built in water drain on the bottom of the filter. The Donaldson 553203 filter has a larger particulate capacity over the cat filter, so we have taken our cat filter adapter and installed this filter and it works awesome.

    Here is a quick install of the filter adapter and the required spacer for the clearance of the filer.

    This is the o-ring that comes with the filter adapter that is correct for the cat filter but will have to be removed for the Donaldson filter to seal correctly.
    Click image for larger version

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    The o-ring on the left is included with all the Donaldson filters and the o-ring the right is the removed o-ring from the Cat adapter Click image for larger version

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    Install the o-ring on the adapter now your ready to start work on the tuck Click image for larger version

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    Start by removing the air intake tube to gain access to the to filter head assembly Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0273.JPG
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    Next loosen up the 12mm bolt on that hold the filter head to the engine Click image for larger version

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    Remove one bolt at a time and install the new longer hardware included with the spacer kit
    Click image for larger version

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    now install the spacer by sliding it over the new mounting hardware and tighten the bolts down Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Next install the filter adapter to the filter head wile installing it lubricate with fuel the o-ring on the adapter and make sure the o-ring is seated in groove of the adapter for proper sealing Click image for larger version

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    next thing to do is install the new Donaldson filter on to the adapter use some fuel or oil to lube the the seal of the filter to properly seal the filter to the adapter. once the new filter is installed crack the bleeder screw on the filter head and pump up the primer button once fuel begins to leak from the bleeder screw tighten the screw back up an pump the primer till it is stiff. next reinstall the intake on to the turbo mouth piece and connect the MAF plug back in and reinstall the inner fender an start the truck if the truck starts and dies repump the primer. Click image for larger version

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      Nice kit!
      07 LBZ Built Transmission by Inglewood Transmission


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