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EFI Live not switching tunes

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  • EFI Live not switching tunes

    I bought the EFI live tune package from this site a few months ago. When I first installed the tunes everything worked fine and I was able to switch between the 5 tunes on the CTS2 Insite. Two days after I loaded the tunes on my truck I got an email from PPEI with the trans tunes i ordered and loaded them on my truck too. After loading the trans tunes I haven't ever been able to switch between the tunes anymore. Edge did updates o. The CTS2 and even sent me a new one just to make sure it wasn't bad. The guys at PPEI have sent and resent my tunes and we have tried to install all tunes multiple tunes and it will still not switch tunes. Anyone have any ideas or had this happen before?
    I've spent $1200 and only had my tunes work for 2 days.

    2002 GMC Sierra 2500hd 6.6 duramax 4x4 crew cab

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    PPEI will be best suited to help you solve your issue. Their website is located here:


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      I've been working with them trying to get it resolved for the last few months. They told me the last thing I can try is to buy a DSP5 switch and see if it will switch tunes that way because they have done all they can.


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        I was just hoping that someone else ran into the same problem and figured it out because ppei and edge both say everything is working as it should


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