Max-Flow Duramax Manifolds Explained



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  • Max-Flow Duramax Manifolds Explained

    Max-Flow has 3 options for the Duramax Diesel platform. Depending on what power level your vehicle is going to be and what you will be using the truck for, we have the right application for you.

    First, we have the Max-Flow Full Flow Manifold, this is the drivers side manifold only. On the 2001-2010 Duramax Engines the drivers side manifold has a "kink", this greatly restricts flow causing a longer lag time for the turbo to spool up and even a loss in power. The Full Flow manifold opens up the this "kink" and evens out the flow from the passengers side to the drivers side and allows for more airflow. By evening out the flow to each manifold it will allow the turbocharger to spool up slightly faster than before resulting in less lag time and more torque in the lower rev range. We have also put a 1/8" NPT Exhaust Gas Temperature port in the manifold for you to measure the EGT's, it includes a plug so you do not have to buy anything else for this manifold to work. This is a great option for any stock truck that is not running high horse power, this will increase the drivability and power on your truck.

    Click image for larger version

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    Second, we have the Max-Flow Log Style Manifolds, this includes both the driver and passenger side manifolds. These manifolds are made to work in conjunction with the stock up-pipes allowing you to maintain the functionality of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and all of the stock emissions. They will increase flow an impressive 27% over the stock Manifolds giving you noticeably less turbo lag, and more power. For even more performance pair these manifolds with our High Flow Up-Pipes and you will be able to gain over 50% flow versus the stock manifolds. This is a great option to anybody who maintains all the stock emissions on their truck yet still wants to make more horse power than stock.
    Click image for larger version

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    Finally, we have he the Max-Flow Manifolds & Up-pipes, This includes high flow manifolds and up pipes. This manifold package is for race only applications. They replace both the manifolds and up-pipes increasing flow by up to 55%. By having a different design than the stock manifolds they have a scavenging effect by increasing the header length by the end of the manifold increasing the flow. These can only be paired with our up-pipes that are constructed of high quality stainless and heavy duty bellows designed to hold up to pressures capable of over 1000 HP. For any truck looking to make high horse power numbers reliably the original Max-Flow Manifolds & Up-Pipes are the way to go!
    Click image for larger version

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