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  • Driveshaft rubbing

    Hi all,

    So I am pretty green here, just bought my first 2500 diesel. Before I was in the 1500's only but work and "reasons" has brought me into this new world.

    I got into a 2008 2500 LMM, and have been looking/lurking to figure out where to start.

    Watching all the youtube videos of the one piece conversion for the drive shaft got me thinking and even though I spent a lot of time underneath the thing I missed a huge problem.

    It would seem that someone put some work into this truck as per the upgraded air intake, the wiring harness of the now missing lift pump, the obviously not stock yellow shocks and who knows what else, but the drive shaft has already been done as well.

    As far as I can tell it was done properly, I mean it's not really that hard, but it's rubbing on the top part of the frame and has worn away a chunk of the shaft. It drives fine but I realize it has to be replaced asap, I just don't want to replace it only for it to happen again, so I want to figure out what exactly is causing it to do that.

    So I guess a couple of questions are in order.

    Is there a dealer or someone local I can order the new shaft from? I am in Toronto, Ontario. If not, I imagine the shipping for a new one from Cali would be more than the driveshaft costs...

    Secondly, to prevent this from happening again, I am going to try painting the shaft to see if it's still rubbing, but if it is, how do I stop that from happening to the new shaft? Has this ever happened before?

    My trucks info is:

    2008 SIerra 2500HD, LMM Extended cab/Long box.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. I'm very new to all this but I will try to pick it up quick.

    This is the spot where it was rubbing, on the very peak of the cross member. The old mount is gone. Fairly deep, i'd say 1/4 to 3/8 gone.

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    Welcome and thanks for joining Stuart!

    I believe that truck you have should've came from the factory with a one piece driveshaft. Usually it is the crew cab long bed models that came with the two piece driveshaft, with the exception of some earlier crew cab shortbeds that have a two piece. I took a quick look at a few trucks out in our parking lot, between the driveshaft and the rear crossmember there is roughly 6-8" of clearance.Yours is much closer than that. Since it was in a rear end collision, we'd recommend taking a closer look for bent or damaged components. That driveshaft would be something you would need to get from the dealer as we only carry the driveshafts for crew cab longbed 4x4 models. If the shocks are blue and yellow, they are likely Bilsteins and some of these trucks did come from the factory with those shocks. As for the lift pump, people do remove them and put them on another truck so that could be a possibility. We hope you can get this figured out soon, let us know if you have any other questions.
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